Walking and exploring the landscape has increasingly become an integral part of my process, and these selected images are an insight into my practice.  The colours and textures of the ever-changing English skies, seas, coastline and accompanying landscape are a constant source influencing my explorations within the ceramic materials, which most notably can be seen in the predominance of blues, greens and greys within the individual vessels.
There are a few places I like to return to more frequently on my walks, which is softly echoed through the construction of similar shaped ceramic forms.  However each vessel is highly individual, in the same way each view of the landscape/sea/sky is different even when looking in the same direction from a similar viewpoint.  Each piece is then an interpretation rather than a representation, and the marks an indication of this earlier impression or experience.  A painting in clay.
Vessels are handbuilt using a white earthenware body treated to layers of decorating slip, underglaze, glaze and occasionally transfer and lustre.  Pieces often go through multiple firings and as each is individual, the process of building up the surface varies accordingly.